Simple Disable Key

Simple Disable Key

Disable any key or hotkey either permanently or temporarily
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I happen to work on my PC in more than one language and, therefore, with more than one keyboard layout. I just have to press Windows + Space in Windows 10 to switch between them, even when I don’t want to. I had two options – either press the same key combination again or disable my multiple keyboards, that is, until I came across Simple Disable Key. This simple tool allows you to disable temporarily or permanently any key or key combination (except for non-customizable system hotkeys, such as Control + Alt + Delete), helping you to avoid not only accidental changes in your keyboard layout, but also Insert, Escape, Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock errors, or pressing the wrong keys again and again in the heat of a game, among others.

Selecting the keys to disable couldn’t be simpler. Just put your cursor in the box provided and press the offending key. You can then combine that key with Control, Alt, Alt Gr, Shift, the Left and Right Windows keys, or all of them, and add those to the block list. Alternatively, you can type in any custom key combination directly by pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard.

You can customize how and for how long a particular key or hotkey will remain disabled. Thus, you can lock it permanently, only when a certain app is running, during a specific time lapse, and/or on specific days of the week. Once you’re set, the disabled key will be added to the list in the app’s main window, specifying the disable mode used and whatever settings apply to it. Regrettably, mode editing is not part of the program’s functionality – if you wish to change a schedule, for instance, you will need to remove that key from the list and start again from scratch. Finally, you can protect Simple Disable Key with a password to prevent others from enabling or disabling key presses without your authorization.

Simple Disable Key is certainly a tool worth trying. It is not resource heavy and it does work like a charm. The app can be set to run at startup, and you can right-click on its icon in the status bar to enable all keys temporarily if anything goes south.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Support for Num, Scroll, and Caps Lock keys.
  • Password protection.
  • Allows for scheduling key lockings


  • Key locking settings cannot be edited
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